WZ's Lost "Transformations"Edit

  • This concept re-emerged in my brain after 5-years of dormancy
  • I brought up the Russian RTS "Perimeter's" approach to "Unit / Tech" upgrading:
  • Nano / Lego / Sub-Assembly / Re-Assembly of Components to achieve Variety & Greater Complexity of Units from a basic sub-set.
  • In WZ it was called Transformations & I remember having a discussion with HB about it (he made "T-M Link", "Ariza" maps & Tile Set.)
  • It was the 1st Patch v.1.0.6
  • Most peeps @ the X-Treme bbs hated it.
  • So Pumpkin quickly released another Patch taking it out- Patch v.1.0.6b
  • What I was wondering was:
  • Has anyone seen it in the Source as simply "Turned-Off" ?
  • Was curious because
  • With a slightly diff approach Transformations could be made acceptable, even desirable, in gameplay @ "T-4 Level" - at least as a MOD.
  • Basically taking the way "K-D Labs" implemented in "Perimeter" 3 years after Pumpkin 1ST tried it in WZ.
  • Rman

question 1Edit

  • this transformation thingy is still available or is there some text files on it describing in more details? sounds like a good thing was taken out by shortsightedness. ( not a flame... just an observation).


What I rememberEdit

  • Pumpkin caved-in to the sqwacking at the old X-treme bbs.
  • When they re-released as Patch v.1.0.6b they said in the install pkg.:
  • "We have removed Transformations for now but we will get back to it in the future."
  • But they never had a chance.
  • It was specific to HPs & Emplacements.
  • Basically if you researched your weap struct upgrades it would automatically do it to your already built HP weaps & Emplacement Weaps....

Comments On "Transformations"Edit

  • IMHO.... the schema needed some refinement is all....
  • How I would MOD it would be along the lines of the aforementioned "Perimeter" approach to modularized units.
  • In effect a "T-4" instead of the original "T-2" and call it "Nano Re-Assembly" instead of "Transformations".