Books That Have InspiredEdit

rush2049's FavsEdit

My favorite Books: Left Behind Series, Eragon, Mars Diaries, and Ender's Saga. lol, but editing books are: Flash 5 and thats the only one I have lol, everything else is stored in my cells lol. ~rush2049~

Rman's InfluencesEdit

  • These will be very specific to my game design approach & WZ POV.
  • They are like the lens thru which I have also come to see most of my martial experiences.
  • For a while it was these 3:
  • Sun Tzu's On the Art of War
  • Carl Clausewitz On War
  • Lee's Tao of Jeet Kun Do
  • Later I added
  • James Carse's Finite & Infinite Games
  • Lately this short list has been augmented by 3 more volumes:
  • Paulo Coelho's Warrior of the Light
  • Robert R. Leonhard's The Principles of War For the Information Age
  • H. John Poole's Phantom Soldier: The Enemies Answer to U.S. Firepower
  • I could easily add a supplemental that would exceed a 100 volumes. But substantively, & in essence, they would add little to the 7 I have listed.
  • My POV on RTS Gameplay Design & Specific Mechanisms are deeply informed by all of the above.
  • By & by I will enumerate where apt the salient details that intersect what is going on Here & at BerliOS.

WZ on "Glorious MARS"Edit

  • The god of War in Mythology, Mars was not a locale I ever contemplated for a WZ CAM till Coyote began working on it a few years back.
  • My CAM focus was (& still is) South America & Asia. But Mars has grown on me thanks to Coyote's marvelous work on the CAM maps. To such a degree that I felt a passion to contribute to its ultimate realization.
  • It has also led me to explore Mars like I haven't since I devoured Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series of novels.
  • The last few days I have been perusing a book called: Destination Mars by Alain Dupas. (Originally pub. in French in 2002, then trans. & pub. in English in 2004.)
  • OH my god...... "Glorious Mars" is the only way to come close to the artist renderings in this magnificent book.
  • Am re-inspired to complete the Mars Texture Tile Set. Especially the Polar Ice Caps - renderings to die for.
  • Now if Chojun's Sky Paint Box is implemented in WZ. WOW !!!
  • Talk about TOTAL, Visceral, Immersive Gameplay. :-)
  • The Artist who did these enchanting renderings is Ron Miller. He also was the set-designer for such movies as Dune and Total Recall.
  • Check your local library for a copy & if they don't have it ask 'em to order it !
  • Coincidentally Coyote lives in Canada & the publisher of this book is Canadian !
  • Six-degrees of seperation & serendipity all rolled-up into an amazing whole.
  • Have a look inside:

Destination Mars

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