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It is self explanatory.

  • QUOTE: Guest,Jan 10 2005, 10:40 AM

You might want to take a look at the issue I brought up in the other thread with multiplayer games in the free release not allowing full tech.

I dug through the source and determined that it had nothing to do with anything in the patch, but rather the tech tree .txt files in one of the data directories are not complete for multiplayer games...

they probably just patched the code and not the data on the source release, so this should probably be fixed. END-QUOTE

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Good point !

And definitely something that the "Code Re- Dev Team" should fix in the First Build.

I'll make sure Chojun, Troman, Kage, et al are aware of this - if the aren't already.

Thanks for zeroing in on this crux issue .:) Rman - rockon