CAM Scripting Analysis Doc CreationEdit

  • It helps to think of A Campaign as an "Interactive Story" where the "Player" is the "Protagonist / Hero".


1.) You need a really good story to start.

2.) Next, for each Mission you have to define 2 things for the CAM a.i.:

a.) Challenges to the Player in the form of "Event-Triggers" &

b.) "Victory Conditions" to be met by the Player in order to advance with the story-missions.

  • Ergo.... There is a whole lot to be done BEFORE actual script writing. And if you don't do it the scriptor won't touch what you have.....

Maps are not enough... so, let's look further towards the prerequisite tasking:

  • ONE: Detailed Story break-down for each Mission.
  • TWO: 'Script Analysis which very specifically defines:

- Event-triggers &

- Victory Conditions......

- Down to the Map-coordinates where

- Events are Triggered,

- Timers are moored to Play..... & Events Triggered such as...

- Number & Type of Enemy Units for EACH Spawn Wave event, Number of Spawns... even one of the Victory Conditions can time played and the like.....

It is the prepared Script-Analysis & "Level Map" that a Scriptor would then translate into a Playable Mission Level.

  • Since Coyote has an abundance of Maps for his Mars CAM, plus much else, I suggested that we here perform this task on his "Story Missions".... Rman JackRman Jack

Actual Template v.1.0Edit

  • Well.. it's been written & you can find the Doc. at the following hotlink:

Rman JackRman Jack 21:21, 10 Jan 2005 (PST)