Progress Reports on Code Re-Dev. ProjectEdit

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  • The BerliOS code repository Project set-up is being spearheaded by Grizzly.
  • noid is also facilitating in getting a robust alignment installed.
  • Many coders have already contributed their constructive take on these efforts as well indicating their prefs for read-write privledges to the repository / Subversion CVS
  • Protocols for writes to the code base are also being discussed.

Rman JackRman Jack 10:27, 14 Jan 2005 (PST)

Recent Past ItemsEdit

  • Well, preliminary indications are that the MO of the "Code Re-Dev Team" is dysfunctional.
  • I have proposed that the "First Build" modified source be set-up at BerliOS in the Subversion CVS and that the standard open source protocols be followed henceforth so that there can be no abuse of the spirit of GPL & privledging the few at the espense of the many who have honored their end by not releasing multiple builds that would have disastrous consequences for all.

Past ItemsEdit

  • 1/9/05: Study of the Code Base continues apace as it will for many months to come.

- Some Documentation is emerging from the hands of Chojun, Troman, noid, et al..

- Noid has the game running on the LInux OS

- It has been decided that the first build will address known Limits & Bugs that have been frustrating Modders for years.

- Troman has stated that this First Build can be readily achieved - changes made to the Code Base in minutes.

  • This First Build will impact HOW the following are approached:

- Patch v.1.11 Reconsidered

- Patch v.1.12 Reconsidered

- Skirmish A.I.s

- New Campaigns in development

  • More later.... RJ :)