Subjects that Rile Folk UpEdit

  • Many find "too hot to handle".
  • Not for us.
  • This is NOT an occasion for "flameing" or ad hominem comment.
  • What IS its focus are subjects / topics for which there are no easy answers.
  • Usually indicative of entrenched opposing camps that would sooner undermine one another than seek common ground.
  • HERE we will aspire to that common ground.

Cod Liver Oil & the Lilly-LiveredEdit

  • (A Propos ala Alain, A Riff ala Coltrane)
  • It's good for ya but tastes like crap
  • Both are common knowledge
  • You know both but choose to focus on just the taste.
  • It's god-awful, horrible & only a callus fiend would serve it up.
  • Yes, fiend.... A totally inhuman act & thus a fiend.
  • Banish the fiend for thou would forego bitter Cod Liver Oil forevermore.
  • Lilly-livered, dost thou not know that in ALL relations the ONE you meet is yourself !
  • Clearly the map is not the territory.
  • Mitaguyasin, heyoka.... Rman

Comments on "Cod Liver Oil"Edit

The Map is NOT the TerritoryEdit

  • A basic premise of "General Semantics" & attributable to Count Alfred Korzybski.
  • No matter HOW detailed the map in your possession, when you actually walk the territory that is an experience no map could trully depict.
  • When you follow a principle, like an ethical imperative that places you on the horns of a dilemma, you can feel that your damned if you do & damned if you don't.
  • No matter how acute the insight BEFORE you make a fateful decision it can only give you a partialization of the AFTER fallout, the consequences that follow whatever course you decide.
  • Another vantage to formulating a best course, making decisions, involves 3 premises of far reaching significance.
  • "Ideas have consequences."
  • "We can be cut-down to nothing at any time."
  • "Act AS IF you've a handle on all the variants, all the outcomes, all the forces in play."
  • Out of that matrix decide, act & live.
  • Accept fallibilty, embrace it publically, is the only redemption.
  • Rman

Comments of General SemanticsEdit

Self-Fullfilling PropheciesEdit

  • An interesting expression.
  • It presuposes "Power" so let me define that.
  • Power:the ability to cause or prevent change.
  • Thus "Self-fullfilling Prophecy" presupposes an extant state of power.
  • This power can manifest in a positive or negative form.
  • Actions to promote change leading to tangible achievement is the positive aspect.
  • A responsible excersise of that form of power entails due acknowledgement of a "greater good" beyond personal gain.
  • In one of its negative forms power is excercised to impede change that would lead to the "greater good" defined above.
  • Obstructions can take many forms but just 2 will be highlighted.
  • Overt acts of deliberate obstruction or attempts to undermine progress. Here you discern the opposition - they're not concealing intent & thus honor bound.
  • Then there are craven modus-operandi such as "Passive Aggressive" stances.
  • In a paradoxical way it is the powerless attempting to excercise power by doing nothing.
  • This is yet another characteristic of a feeble self-delusion that places personal gain above all. As if that alone in any way really mattered to progess in the greater world.
  • "Change leading to tangible accomplishment" is what unmasks a root powerless state & thus the "passive aggressive" defense.
  • Pitiful yes but also a source of dangerous resentments.
  • In some ways the perception is akin to the adage:
  • "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...."
  • To be unmasked as feeble is grounds for perpetuating a course of revenge characterized by exclusive focus on Un-doing.
  • This ilk reside in a true wasteland of mind & spirit I donot envy. More pointedly, it's necessary to guard against enervating influences that are its legacy.
  • The goal of these dark forces is to demoralize or dispirit & in that can be effective but only if granted the power by those who would forfeit a bit of their souls out of timidity.
  • Rman

Comments on PowerEdit

  • I'm led to ask:
  • Can Power ever be neutral ?
  • Certainly not in its excercise.
  • But what of a case where "Power" can be wielded but is not ?
  • I'd have to say that this last case is a decision based on a position held & thus it cannot be neutral.
  • So I'm inclined to postulate that power in the possession of a living entity can never be held in neutrality.
  • It is always operating under some principle even when reigned-in.
  • Rman.

Power & Its MeaningsEdit

  • "Self-interest" & "Self-gain" are not synonymous.
  • Indeed are often confused as the same in the realm of emotion.
  • What is the nature of "Power" in these 2 distinct arenas: "Self-interest" and "Self-gain"....
  • And where does that intersect the "Greater Good" ?
  • For that matter: What is the "Greater Good" ?
  • More l8r...... Rman.

Power's Dynamic GeometryEdit

  • When "Power" is sought only over oneself & NOT others it becomes transparent.
  • "Power" can be seen as a dynamic equation - a geometry in search of a tetrahedron thru tensegrity.
  • 2 of the 4 aspects, or continuums, that are better known: "Light & Dark"
  • The other 2, less known, are: "Attraction & Repulsion"
  • What I mean by this last is abivalence: peeps want & don't want it - that is "Power".
  • Power entails decisions with consequences that most would prefer someone else take responsibility for.
  • As such the quad dynamic is: Light & Dark..... Love & Hate...
  • Some hold in "absolutes" like black & white.
  • Others hold to "continuums" like shades of grey or fuzzy-sets.
  • Then there is a vast number of "True Believers" (secular or sacred) whose commitment can be seen as an "Escape from Freedom".....

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