Reply to Future of WarzoneEdit

  • Exactly right - almost 100 percent of the files available ( mods/ai/etc) is available at speedy's download site.
  • Almost 100 percent of the (KNOWN) documentation is located on the documents site and at speedy's download site as a .chm windows file.
  • I do agree that the download needs to be thin... am wondering if possible to split into 56kb friendlier chuncks?? dunno...
  • We have the community out there - wandering about between the different forums - choosing to stay with one or the other group... no problem there...

which leads me to the next statement - that which i have said before - we need a "supersite - one that is interconnected to each and every forum/site/group/etc. that is warzone... all it takes is a bit of code - a link. world wide community. done. centralized by not being in the center. maybe i just see things in a different way...dunno.


Incubate It !Edit

  • Perhaps along with the links to all the sites (to pull it all together) we could also host 1 Page for each site with the direct to the site itself ?
  • Invite the site owners to submit the page art itself..... & descriptive text.
  • Btw.... been thinking about what Cowboy suggested & am leaning to
  • Using the Invision installed to set-up a
  • Basic 3-Division
* The bbs called something like:
  • The Future of WZ Sandbox
  • The 3-forums:
  • New Content Incubator
  • BerliOS Redev Annex
  • Making WZ MP Better
  • I'll work on it this week...

Hope You Don't Mind but...Edit

did a bit of that after reading your note... hope it meets with what you had in mind.


Totally KwelEdit

  • Don't mind at all..... :)
  • Glad to see it.
  • Same wave-length to me.
  • Net MP is critical. Making it better is key to WZ having any future.
  • Rman.

Making Net MP Better: Long-RangeEdit

  • Net MP is absolutely critical to WZ having any future.
  • First angle of attack is 3-pronged, conjoined & long-ranged:
  • Game Rules / Logic redressed
  • Server-side Protected Protocols based on redressed Game Rules / Logic
  • Net Code redeved to above
  • Challenging.... will take the most time & effort in the Source Redev Cycle.
  • In the meanwhile..... it's up to new content to carry the load...... in LAN, SKI & CAM...
  • The Linux Port will also support till then.
  • Rman.

Making Net MP Better: Short RangeEdit

  • Btw.... Until Net MP is tackled by the Source Redev Efforts on a code-level...
  • I've been thinking about ways of making Net MP better for a greater number of player's tastes...
  • So what I'm saying is that in the meanwhile there are indeed ways to improve the situation from its present state - stuff that can be done NOW...
  • I'll post those suggestions by & by....
  • Pretty basic stuff too...
  • We could use the new Host Server to Incubate the proposed short-term remedies..... that will still be valid when the Code- Level Redev is implemented..
  • The Short- Range & Long-Range actually dovetail quite nicely over time.
  • Rman.

Flaws are so simpleEdit

  • Its interesting how I knew this would happen but apsolutely did not wish of it. My "personal" User page was mauled with other's edits and at no desire by my own. Boy I don't like Wiki setups ...
  • Here's that conversation where it was left off.. enjoy.
  • You suggest of "Game Rules / Logic redressed" and "Server-side Protected Protocols based on redressed Game Rules / Logic"...
  • I am partly assuming you say this in reflect to those high-oil maps and "no vtol / Mob. Artty / no half builds / etcetc.." rules people illustrate to only play on.
  • If your idea's have any connection to my assumption then I heed you to step carefully. To attempt to push the community or control their gaming methods, will cripple the ReDev project in a human heart-beat.
  • But if you wish to help those players control their desired rules, that would be beneficial.
  • Consider a global cease-fire until a build time is done. Even maybe a no-pass / no construct zone until the cease is done.
  • Consider a no rush, where players cannot cross over halfway of map on either X or Y midpoints.
  • No Mob Arty or Vtol settings, where it litterly prevents such actions. (allow technologies.. techs are inner-twined).
  • EtcEtc..

  • Although these are long term, a great way to improve the multiplayer viewpoints are to look into the following:

1. Fix Connection Bugs, where some 2 people cannot play at the same time. Or some people have compelete impossibility of launching a game.

2. Correct crashing bugs.

3. Fix miss Gameplay bugs. Such as "ghost artillery". Take out never-dieing half builds (give a half finished structure a halflife based on its completion percentage).

4. Simple yet greatly tested corrections and leveling off of unbalances. BEFORE any new materials ever are introduced.


Same ol same olEdit

  • I see the spirit here was a somewhat disingenuous gambit..
  • "Game Rules / Logic" has absolutely nothing to do with what you assumed.
  • It is the basis of creating more secure net code useing protected protocol checks derived from the game logic as the Anti-cheat MO server-side. It's state of the art network security software tech.
  • To my knowledge no one edited your text. The assumption here was good-faith interaction.
  • If you donot want our good-faith interaction on this page you may certainly remove the entries.
  • Rman JackRman Jack 22:49, 21 Mar 2005 (EST)

Not all people understand and utilize space the sameEdit

  • i am sure somewhere in amongst all this there is a warning - oh! yeah! right on the bottom of every edit mode.

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  • oh well no problem. anyways... the above conversations are part and parcel of willis's original statements... and having said that i respect his opinion to be alone on a page by himself.


Yep... that's the scoopEdit

  • Wiki is conceptually & structurally the antithesis of bb.
  • I like them both. Each serves different intentions & I'm thoroughly at ease in both.
  • You can see that "My Talk Page" has entries by Angela & Rush...
  • Knowing now that you want no interaction on your "Talk Page" I shall certainly not intrude though in this medium that sentiment is incongruous.
  • The interaction was actually a gesture of regard from the primary caretaker of this wiki - as plain as day.
  • Rman.

In SumEdit

  • WZ Net MP is fundamentally broken.
  • HOW exactly ? Is no mystery.
  • WHAT has to be done exactly ? That too is no mystery.
  • That it is the single greatest challenge to redev is obvious.
  • That WZ has no future of any significance unless this is addressed - that too is plain.
  • That this issue supercedes all others in the Redev of WZ can only be denied if the future of WZ is considered irrlevant to any particular effort.
  • Personally I derive pleasure from working on new content which I then test & play within a LAN group where the broken state of WZ does not factor. Those experiences are pure joy in creating & fun in playing.
  • Since LAN is not viable for most gamers it would be a great boon for the Net option to afford those experiences to that majority of MP gamers.
  • Wheather the redev effort will ever get to that goal doesnot impact my positive experiences with WZ in any way.
  • Rman.