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About Warzone 2100

  • Originally released in April '99, this first 3D RTS has become a unique classic, its gameplay never duplicated in the RTS genre of gameing.
  • In December 2004, after years of effort, the Source Code was released.
  • This Community is focused on creating New Content for the game, more immersive gameplay & supporting the creation tools that are used to achieve those ends.
  • We'll also keep tabs on all our Networked Warzone 2100 communities scattered hither & yon. In particular -
  • The Source Code GPL Development Project.
  • The operating philosophy of this network of communities is full disclosure of crux information, collaboration, mutual support of various projects & encouraging the growth of Warzone 2100's fan base of active players for years to come & across platforms.

Rman JackRman Jack 19:01, 29 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Our Projects Table of Contents, NEWS & Links

Mission Statement

  • Our goal is to band all New Content Creators into a collaborative environment that's more robust than a BB.
  • Here we can support each other in concurrent Projects while growing Knowledge Bases of all Creation Tools. This will benefit all fans & grow that base into the future.

Creating To Play is our credo.

  • Discussion will facilitate tangible creation & bring into gameplay NOW !
  • By extention, we are founded on sharing info & encouraging one anothers work to completion.
  • Here we'll also engage discussions on any topic under the sun that inspires Creativity, Learning & FUN.

Breaking NEWS !

  • October 22nd Flash:
  • New Project will be set-up this week to work on replacing the original campaigns FMVs.
  • Since the GPL Source didnot include the FVMs or Music the GPL Development Project has distroyed without these components.
  • We're gonna fix that.
  • Stay-tuned for details
  • Recent Flahes:
  • "The Future of Warzone 2100" (aka portal / clearing house for all things WZ - past, present & to come - celebrates it's 3rd month of growth.
  • Go check it out Here
  • Also..... Member NucNut was commenced his new Western Australia WZ Campaign & is looking for feedback & assistence.
  • You can hop-on over to his project work space Here
  • A very useful orientation reference by Karmazilla:

MAR's Project Stuff

  • Faithcat has posted 2 reviews of Coyote's "Mars CAM Maps".
  • Faithcat has done a swell job of conveying the play experience.
  • If your curious to see what the whole Mars CAM is about you can jump directly to:

Mars Campaign Project

Creativity & Community the Wiki Way

  • "Sandbox" is a powerful metaphor for the free-form creative process in a community of shared interests.
  • A vibrant bb or wiki can be a "Sandbox"
  • Same can be said of "Think Tanks".
  • Or premier research groups like:
  • "Bell Labs" where "Unix" was created & made the whole Open Source movement possible. (the Nobel wins out of that group are staggering in #). Ironic too that the Unix Kernel upon which Linux was built was the result of pure capitalism.
  • Lockehead's "Skunk Works" where a number revolutionary aircraft were 1st notions then went beyond the drawing board into production.
  • XEROX "Parc".... where, among many innovations, the GUI OS as we know it was totally conceived (the "mouse" as well).... later ripped 1st by Apple then MS...
  • Another related metaphor (used mostly by musicians) is "Wood-shedding".
  • Basically you've taken-in some kwel new ideas & now are needful to go off to your "lab" & make something tangible & fresh of those ideas.

Wiki Nav & Post Formating Tips

  • It's all been collected in the following space:

Warzone Creation Tools

  • Links to these tools have been made more inclusive.
  • If you know of any WZ Tools not listed - give me a jingle. :)
  • You can jump from here to the links & review:
  • ALSO: we are growing Knowledge-Bases of these tools..... feel free to contribute or share your expertise. This will be a great boon to those novices just getting started or even vets who might be stumped. There's always something new to be learned - that's part of the Fun !
  • Rman JackRman Jack 19:01, 29 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Making New WZ Campaigns

  • Step by step procedural for CAM assembly has been added to the World Edit Knowledge Base.
  • You can hop-over, review, add to or comment by way of FAQs or the following hotlink:

WZ Docs Project Latest Release

  • Coyote is regularly updating his "WZ Docs Project" - many years in the making & a modder's indispensable How-To resource.

WZ GPL Development FAQ

  • As of July 4th, 2005

WZ Revival in 2005 ?

  • Now that the Source is released & being GPL Developed
  • Will this year see Warzone 2100 undergo a revival ?
  • Depends...
  • It could come down to a common thread. 2 entwined strands running through everything &, like a spine, binding it together.
  • The "Dai Senryaku", or Grand Strategy, to WZ's revival boils down to this binding spine:
  • "Enhancing WZ Net MP so more newbies wanna play."
  • Working Solutions to Reviving WZ Net MP:
  • Rufus's POV about the narrow range of Map Types being played - mainly confined to Flat / high-oil / $$ maps... "Team-wars" style.
  • Dealing with cheating by re-dressing "Game Logic" or "Rules" with Secure Networking Protocols in mind:
  • .....You think there are more than just these 2 factors, something else just as important....

Warzone, Linux & the CELL Processor

  • Of interest as well is the "Power Consortium" behind the CELL Processor - they look to have selected Linux for all "CELL" boxes (DTs & Servers) and....
  • The Initial Target Market is China.
  • This Linux connection with the IBM / Sony Corp / Toshiba "CELL Chip" partnership:
  • This also harkens to the concept of Grid Computing which you can find explained:
  • Some spicy comments:
  • The Asian region is notorius for liking to play games for $$ stakes (ie. the RTS "StarCraft").
  • The push for Linux games will take-on a new face: Mandarin Chinese.
  • Maybe a couple years from now there will be several million peeps playing the Warzone Port in China - throughout the Pacific Rim actually..
  • You can be sure there will be High-Stake Gaming involved through-out that region...
  • Secure (anti-cheat) gameing will take-on the strictures of Vegas gameing....

Some Trends in the Game Industry

  • These are my observations & opinions.
  • "Money talks the rest takes a walk."
  • It's an OP-ED intended to stimulate thought through discussion about a number of trends that will impact gamers deeply across the globe, in all genres.
  • Discussion that I trust will include challenges to any flawed assumptions or premises.

Fun Links to Check-Out

  • Come across interesting stuff on my web sphere forays that I'll pass along here.
  • You have some Favorites ?

Rman JackRman Jack 08:25, 30 Oct 2005 (UTC)

A Vision of Warzone II: Next Gen RTS

  • Or... RTS as it was, is, could be... & why..
  • WZ Game Think-Tankers needed

New Tech To Ponder

  • Technology that, in one way or another, can be viewed as linked to WZ Re-Dev, the making of Mods or a New Campaign.
  • Like...... WZ OPs With Robots ?
  • How about the subject of Game Physics that has come up in our discussions about the just released.....

Next Gen Game Design

  • A game designer giant who continues to inspire our WZ Mod & ReDev. efforts - shares his vision of the future of games.
  • Part of the new "Vision Track" at the "GDG".

RTS Revolution: by Will Wright

  • Been a fan of his games for over a deacade - years before the "Sims" busted-out big time.
  • Truly, for me, one of the Great game designers. I still have every game he released thru Maxis - original floppies, too.
  • Well he has recently bowled-over a capacity crowd at the Game Dev. Con. in San Fran with a sample of his latest creation.
  • It's called Spore & by golly I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about the possibilties of this game's innovation in gameplay design & expansive architecture.
  • Its approach is reminicent of the "WZ GPL Development Team's" architectonic of modularization detailed in the "List of Proposed Changes" last year. Talk about Six-Degrees of seperation !
  • Here are some impressions from folks that were there just so many hours ago:
  • A game about everything !

More On Will Wright's Vision

  • "Will Wright Presents Spore... and a New Way to Think About Games"
  • It is surely influencing our thinking on WZ Redev & Mods..


YOUR Input Requested

  • SUGGESTIONS, Thoughts......
  • Also.... take a minute & Sign-Up For

Our Mail List

WZ Fan Feedback

  • Your input can help us make better Maps, Mods & Skirmish A.I.s.... so
  • Do tell about your play experiences with whatever WZ Toys you'd like to see improved, made more satisfying or maybe they inspired an idea it be kwel to see made...

WZ Fan Base GROWING !!

  • Gigabytes of WZ are being downloaded from.....
  • Bronco's Strategy Planet Site,
  • Jocke's playable assemblage of the game at bit torrent and
  • Speedy's WZ Goodies Site.
  • Many happy hours of contention for new fans with a Campaign that to this day stands as a compelling gameing experience. :)
  • Plus all the countless maps & powerful skirmish A.I.'s that can be had & your looking at months of FREE & thrilling fun.
  • See our "Community Portal" Space for ALL links to sites mentioned.
  • So..... whatcha think.... new WZ fan ?
  • You can always contact me @ Rman JackRman Jack on any matter whatsoever. I do respond within 24 hours to anything directed at me.

Writer's Gallery

  • Scratch the surface of anything & there's a yarn to be told.
  • Before you can have a movie, a show, a tune, a feature, a game world, a WZ Campaign... a compelling story must be crafted. Some wonder if we couldnot tell ourselves stories - would we still be human ? Or even more telling - given the bare necessities of food, water, shelter, would those be enough to survive ? I say, without storytelling, civilization is not possible. Pretty rad, huh ?
  • Anyhow.... here we practice the writer's craft. All genres welcome.
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