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  • Stuff of lasting interest or value.

Game Dev Conference 2005Edit

  • Coming up again in my home town of San Francisco in early March.
  • Their agenda bears a stricking resemblance to our own goals here.
  • So much so, let me quote:
  • Game Design Track Highlights
  • "Creating compelling, immersive games requires understanding, visualizing, demonstrating, and tuning the interactions of an ever-increasing number of game tools and systems.
  • While game designers need to understand and exploit the possibilities of new technologies such as realistic physics, facial expressions, and lighting techniques; they must also continue to master the traditional disciplines of drama, gameplay, and psychology.
  • The Game Design Track explores the challenges and ramifications of the interaction between new technologies and established techniques."
  • Check-out the rest of the agenda:

Democracy in the WZ Game WorldEdit

  • This is something that has become integral to the Backstory & Unfolding of WZ 2120: The South American Campaign, from my POV...
  • I've commenced a discussion on this aspect of the work by way of a Time-Line of Story Premises
  • Participate in:
  • Let me intrigue you with this quote:
  • Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time.
  • That was said by master prose stylist, legendary editor of the "New Yorker" & author of the classic "Charlotte's Web" - E.B. White (1899-1985).

World-Building: WZ 2120Edit

  • The original backstory & rationale for WZ 2100 was somewhat flawed in its tecnological, economic & sociological extrapolations.
  • WZ 2120 will address these deficiences & inconsistencies in world-building.
  • New Energy Sources for the "Mars CAM" and the "South American CAM" such as:
  • Geothermal Energy Source....
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Source....
  • Are just the begining.
  • The Scav cultures will be built on the principles of Sustainability
  • The "Fossil Fuel Economy" will be entirely supplanted.
  • "Cybernetics & Nano" will be the foundation of Technology or "T-4".
  • Warfare mechanisms will subsume 21st Century Military Doctrine such as "Situational Awareness & Velocity".
  • "Experience & Rank" will be integral to gameplay & the Player will have an in-game Avatar as a Commander Unit.
  • The foundation sources for all of this are numerous.
  • I'll only be able to mention a key few.
  • I'll start with The Rocky Mountain Institute
  • The paper on a "Hydrogen Fuel Economy" is a great place to start.
  • There are a whole host socio-political-cultural ramifications to even just these tech premises that will manifest in "Factions".
  • In due course we'll get to it all & I hope it will come to a common ground that sparks collaborations.
  • Rman Jack

"Act of War" Goes GoldEdit

  • As fans of WZ 2100 we are passionate about the RTS Genre.
  • We look for the outstanding games in this genre.... to wit:
  • With close to a Million downloads of its Demo in little over a month...
  • That gameplay success is partly predicated on medivacing your wounded & rescuing hostages.
  • That part of your economy is based on POW captures.....
  • That the story is written by an author who has 15 New York Times Bestsellers.
  • That the 3 Factions have distinct Special Abilities & Technology..
  • That the Cinematics (almost an hours worth) could easily be seen in your local Multiplex & pass muster
  • That MP has been tweeked for months based on the input of hard-core Net Gamers..
  • That the Sound, LOD & Camera Schema make for an awesome experience I would call "TOTAL....VISCERAL....IMMERSION"....
  • Conclusion - take a gander ....
  • Act of War.

WZ OPs With Robots ?Edit

  • This choice find came to our attention by way of Member Cybersphinx.
  • You Wz modders out there have got to check this out.
  • Not just as a New Unit / Platform in Wz....
  • IMHO, it could also radicalize gameplay
  • Of course all issues & concerns over game-balance would apply.
  • That would have to be looked at more comprehensively, no doubt.
  • But in the present moment - the possibilities are provocative, exiteing & MOD-inspiring.
  • Other kwel stuff on this site about Materials & Sensors well worth perusing. :)
  • Thanks Cybersphinx !
  • Interested in putting-forth some of your ideas:

Chojun's Ambitious WZ ProjectEdit

  • Warzone 2100 is written in Gnarly C
  • Chojun calls his Project:
  • "A Shiny New Framework"
  • What he's doing is the precursor to re-creating portions of WZ 2100 ala OOP: Object-Oriented.
  • His object of attention (pun intended) is the heart of modifying WZ - the .wdg structure.
  • From the .wdg much else can be leverged as Archimedes would say (yes, that pun was intended as well.)
  • The details of how he's tackling this long-term project I hope will be made available @ BerliOS in the near future.
  • It was at the Forums & called A Shiny New Framework but those bbs are not available presently due to the domain not being renewed - same deal as what happened with P-2 little over a year ago.
  • Does history repeat or just rhyme ?
  • It's hard to tell the difference on these occasions.
  • Rman 3/10/05

LEGO Star WarsEdit

  • It's wacky, out-there... some would say, down-right weird...
  • But... It Works ! It's Kwel ! Pure FUN !
  • Loved the first trilogy of movies. Couldn't get enough of Legos as a kid. Now I can have both. Imagine that, a full grown man playing with Legos, heh.
  • Playable Demo was Just Released....
  • There are several mirrors for this 228 MB download.
  • What's the connect to WZ ? You ask...
  • Modularization, the over-arcing strategy of the WZ Code ReDev. effort.
  • Externalizing as much as possible from the core game engine... aka, modularization.
  • And what could be a more apt metaphor of that strategy than LEGOS... (thanks Troman...)
  • Course a far less technical rationale - it's just unvarnished gameplay joy.
  • If you give it a whirl on your box tell us your what you think - even if it ain't that nice:

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