Mission One: Ground ZeroEdit

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Note! Map coordinates will not be added until level map is finished

Opening CinematicEdit

Transport flyby, camera goes in and looks at screen. Screen shows map of North America with Project HQ indicated with a pulse. Multiple red dots trailing a a red line head toward it. flash then pulse gone. three green dots trailing lines cross ocean to Australia. WA has a white pulse they are heading for. They converge on it then screen changes to an objective screen, crosshairs centre on a pulse, disappear, then zooms in on pulse. wait for a bit then movie ends.

Mission BriefingEdit

Commander, you lead team Theta, we are all that's left of the Project. At 0600hrs radar detected multiple contacts entering the atmosphere, we thought it was a meteor shower, but seconds later we recieved a two word transmission from NEXUS: "Goodbye Commander!". Then the incoming contacts were indentified as Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, only a few of us managed to escape before Project HQ and all we had built was vaporised by the multiple nuclear detonations. You have been sent to Western Australia to rebuild the Project and obtain technologies that will aid in the defeat of NEXUS. When we have sufficent numbers and adequete technology we will advance to the ICBMs launch site; Europe, and destroy NEXUS


Note: Objectives in Italics are not to be revealed during the main mission briefing, but will be revealed In-Game

  • Construct base and lockdown area
  • Clear LZ of Providence units


To be constructed, but will use quadrant one (Of 4).

Starting TechEdit

End of T3, but with some items missing (i.e: Auto-Repair)


Unknown as of yet

LZ CoordinatesEdit

(x,y) (x,y)

Transport Fly InEdit


Staring UnitsEdit

Starting Unit Ranks are yet to be finalised...

  • 2xTruck Python Half Tracks
  • 2xTwin assault Cannon Python tracks
  • 2xHPV Cannon Cobra Half Tracks
  • 1xCyclone AA Python Wheels
  • 1xHeavy Laser Python Tracks
  • 1xSensor Cobra Half Tracks
  • 1xCommander Python Tracks

Mission ArtefactsEdit

  • Diamond-tipped Drillbits (Mk1-3)= (x,y)
  • Razorwire = (x,y)

Victory ConditionsEdit

  • Clear LZ of Provedence Units
  • Collect all artefacts
  • Build base including:
    • 1xHQ
    • 1xTank Factory
    • 1xResearch Facility
    • 1xGower Generator
    • 1xRepair Facility
    • 2xSAM Sites
  • Clear whole area of Provedence units
  • Unlimited time for this mission

Event TriggersEdit

To be finalised...