Second mission: Having set up the beachead base and reinforcing the perimeter... orders to start exploring to see how active the UE has been, proceed to the Nirgal Valis region and set up base in crater south of the dry river bed formation Marsxtreme 2 mission

Mission - Secure base Nirgal vales Crater arrival nigal vales crater bottom 06:30 local mars time. setup of vtol rearming pads for recon vtols armed with missle racks. accompanied by: (1 engineering truck 5 cyborg engineers, 8 laser borg scouts 2 transports 2 cyborg repair units 4 retribution class vtols armed with missles.)

will change - to suit the units we develop for this mod.

accomplish the following tasks to ensure success of mission...

  • 1) Construct Command Center.
  • 2) constuct cyborg / vtol / ground vehicle factories and research centers - research any /all found artifacts - region is rumoured to have been occupied by others. ( alien structures and artifacts)
  • 3) search for resources and setup extaction units.
  • 4) set up power plants to power extraction units and structures.
  • 5) errect sensor masts for surveilance of immediate area.
  • 6) deploy vtol recon units.
  • 7) deploy cyborg laser units as recon/defense.
  • 8) gain control of all 4 bridges north and northeast of your current position.
  • 9) resources are limited in your current location - search for and commandeer any and all likely locations.
  • 10) scout the area between your current position and the canyon top to your north and north east.
  • 11) possible activity to your north and northeast is not -repeat- NOT to be considered friendly - expect attacks at any time... set up base defenses immediately.

after the slaughter at beachead base - take no chances - if it moves shoot it!! and when it stops moving - shoot it again to make sure.

expect further orders after all areas secured.

Failure is not an option.