Trendings of New Content CreatorsEdit

Latest ItemsEdit

  • Focus THIS weekend is on setting-up a New Content Server Repository.
  • When accomplished all creators here will be E-mailed the information, including password..... upon request receipt.
  • YOU all will manage it - I am confident you will do so wisely & with efficacy.
  • ALSO:
  • NEW TALENT RECRUITMENT from outside the WZ niche Community will commence in earnest after 2 things are completed -

1.) New Content Server is UP......AND

2.) BerliOS Code Repository is set up.

  • Item # 2 will esp. afforded us an opportunity for augmenting coder ranks & New Content Talent....
  • In addition to just sheer #'s we'll be looking foward to fresh dispositions & insights. It's true that more experience makes for deeper understanding but it can also filter-out lateral thinking & root innovation. Those without a long WZ history will perhaps see & bring new possibilities to the mix..... & that would be a boon for all. :)

Rman JackRman Jack 10:39, 14 Jan 2005 (PST)

Past ItemsEdit

  • 1/08/05: Need to keep tabs on the Code Re-Dev. Teams efforts on producing a First Build that addresses known limits & minor bug-fixes.
  • Must further build the Documentation / Knowledge base of the practical components of assembling a playable New Campaign.
  • The First Build will allow for more Research Topics, Tech, New Units /Models & Structures.... The heurisms of implementation need to be documented. HOW exactly will this translate to Patches, New CAMs in development, Skirmish A.I.s.... we'll explore.
  • More to follow..... RJ :)

Our Site UpdatedEdit

  • 1/09/05: Within the New Campaign Projects section we have created an entire support structure for Coyote's WZ Mars Campaign. Coyote is doin a fine job of assembling his stuff towards implementing the CAM.
  • We're looking @ WZ Prime Patch to replace both v.1.11 & v.1.12.