==A line or two... Nick, WZ interests, Tool Skills.. basic stuff== Rman JackRman Jack

  • I'll do mine in a day or two: admin stuff is grinding me up like dog-food lately.

lavcoyote25 - aka kim metcalfeEdit

  • old for a gamer (50) - WarZone 2100 user since 1999 - Asked Questions, very few answers, started the Documents Project roughly the same time as the map making project. Live in edmonton alberta canada 2 blocks south of the worlds biggest mall. Now involved with trying to take the game to another level / world.

Brett (a.k.a) faithcatEdit

  • 36, Happily married, 2 x kids, gama-holic - Strategy, discovered WZ2100 & never looked back, Beta Map tester, reviewer & hope to add idea's to WZ Campaign project.


  •  ??? how do I do bullets ??? (asterick space, skip line...same, that's it... also look at this page source to learn "Levels" & auto-generated TOC.. this way you can "grow" one page with convenient "Edits" for quite a ways... Rman :) )
  • I have been playing since 1999/ before with the demo. I have lived in Ventura, CA and in Lancaster, PA which is where I now live.
  • Am an avid 3D modeler/animator.
  • Still in school with gpa of 4.1. I am 16, and have learned 4 some computer langueges, and 2 spoken/written langueges. And am learning German currently in school.
  • Have modled using pie/ for patch 1.12 and have also beta tested for 1.11 and 1.12. Have been in the "inside circle" as you might call it while 1.12 was coming out/testing.
  • Have had 5 computers in my house not owned by me just to play WZ in a lan setting before. DSL connection, Comp specs not important (better than most peoples I've seen).


Colin Edit

I own you all,end of story!Skills:Pie wonder ,wzck,compiling.(age 32)


  • Been into WZ since before retail release & ever since.
  • Some of my efforts are in the Public Record & thus somewhat known or researchable.
  • Some of my efforts are not in the Public Record though the results surely are quite tangible.
  • I'm here to help others develope their New Content in whatever way I can.
  • I'm here to facilitate the growth of the WZ Fan Base of Active Players & New Content Creators.
  • To see that the Source Code was released was also a main goal achieved.
  • To see the Code Re-Dev Project established on a solid footing in the present & for the foreseeable future was another goal. That is on its way.
  • My New Content Projects I'd like to move foward: the "SA Campaign", "Mission Branching", "New Rank & Experience Mechanisms", "Threat Analysis & Intel", "General / Player Avatar", "GCI".
  • Recruit loads of New Fans, Content Creaters & Coders.
  • Message me @ Rman JackRman Jack if you have any questions at all or want to address anything. :)

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