The Global Command Interface Widget Mock-UpEdit

GCI 24bit v.05 GUI

Description of the GCI FunctionalityEdit

  • GCI GUI notes v.05:

  • Button #2 a: Pop-up list of available Field Commander Units to select from
  • Button #2 b: Pop-up list of Available Commanders for Reinforcement Duties * (see 5a. of Supplemental for more).

  • Screen (#6 b:) You select A.I. Presets & Thresholds for that command group. After setting, close like standard window.
  • Button #7: Press to launch resizable Known World Map. Close like standard window. If you Have a Commander led Combat Group loaded onto a transport you should be able to navigate that transport directly from this map.

Additional GCI CommentaryEdit

  • 1.) Individual Commanders still have their own command screens. The main difference being that A.I. scripts are player assigned as in the GCI.
  • Also remember - If checked the GCI option wil over-ride Commander screen A.I. settings with the GCI presets.
  • 2.) Combat Group assembly & linking are still done at the Commander level.

  • 8.) The Player can Name his Combat Groups (&/or choose some symbol) and that is how they will show up on maps as well as the GCI pop-up select.
  • 9.) The GCI is linked to the General Unit. If the General Unit is killed you lose GCI access.
  • However another Field Commander can rise in Rank, under those circumstances, to achieve General rank.
  • At such a time the GCI once again becomes available.

GCI Supplemental 2Edit

  • 1st Rookie = Greenie
  • 2nd Second Lieutenant = Single Gold Bar
  • 3rd First Lieutenant = Single Silver Bar
  • 4th Captain = Double Silver Bar
  • 5th Major = Gold Oak Leaf
  • 6th Lieutenant Colonel = Silver Oak Leaf
  • 7th Colonel = Silver Eagle
  • 8th Brigadier General = One Silver Star
  • 9th Major General = Two Silver Stars
  • 10th Lieutenant General = Three Silver Stars
  • 11th General = Four Silver Stars
  • 12th General of the Army = Five Silver Stars
  • 10.) > A.I. Slider Threshold Triggers (Health of Base-line Unit) can only be set as unique increments of 10% (relative to each other). You cannot, for example, have 2 scripts set at 90%.

  • Your lowest threshold setting will prevail until you, the General, actively re-address that Combat Group.

  • More to follow....

GCI Supplemental 3Edit

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