A Vision of Warzone IIEdit

  • Or......
  • RTS as it Was, Is and Could Be....
  • Essentially 2 Dimensions of gameplay suffice to define RTS.
  • 1.) Player Perception RT- Control over World Building (heretofore predominantly 3rd PPOV)
  • 2.) Player Perception RT- Control over building & Commanding Armies on the Field of Battle.(heretofore predominantly 3rd PPOV)
  • Within the scope of that definition you can have the prevalent copy-cat mediocrity of the last 6-years with the occasional minimal variant or
  • I posit that RTS can subsume FPS, RPG, & RT Tactical without violating RTS's essential character.
  • WHY do this ?
  • Because the RTS paradigm has grown stale & its fan base severly diminished such that the genre as a whole is, by any metric, been marginalized in the greater gameing community.
  • Also - it would be loads of FUN !
  • AND - It can be done elegantly.
  • HOW ? - You'll have to enter the magical spaces of this "New Content Community" for reams of foundation & innovative game design. :)
  • BTW: The reverse is NOT possible or desirable, methinks...
  • To wit - neither FPS, RPG or RT Tactical can inturn subsume RTS.
  • Ergo, RTS can resurge as more of an equal to FPS, RPG & RT Tactical in fan base #'s like it has NOT been able to for the last 7-8 years.
  • Lastly - WZ2 can spearhead this enhanced RTS design paradigm for it is ideally positioned to do so & has the requisite potential already imbeded in its Code ReDev architechtonic..
  • KEY:
  • POV = point of view
  • RT = real-time

Feedback on this OpinionEdit

"Earth 2160": 4th InstallmentEdit

  • Check-out the preview, screen-shots & movie.....
  • This RTS has the GFX chops of "HL2" !!!! (Physics Engine)
  • And they go to MARS !! (among other planets)
  • Due out May - June '05
  • Wonder how they've evolved their "Earth Script"... & architecture since "E:2150" & the "MP".
  • Talk about diehards.... these guys & gals that have been working on the "Earth" series since 1997 when their 1st DOS installment "Earth: 2140" was released.
  • And now this 4th installment - 4 + years in the making...
  • Beside "Earth Script", the state of the art GFX to rival premier FPSs, the new architecture...
  • I have to wonder - how have they addressed "Infantry" & most importantly the "Game Logic" & secure MP.
  • They surely were not rushed to market.... forced to release a fundamentally flawed game.

On "E:2160Edit

"Brothers in Arms" & "Officers"Edit

  • Those of you who have been round for a while will remember:
  • The "GCI" or Global Command Interface related to
  • The "General Avatar Unit" which was integrated with new
  • "Rank & Experience" mechanisms.
  • Well..
  • I have seen the 1st Gen Iteration of the "GCI" in a new game called:
  • And NOW I see that the "General Avatar Unit" with the integrated "Rank & Experience" Mechanisms is being implemented in an RTS under development called:
  • Talk about mixed feelings...
  • Oh well..... they have yet to put them all together.....
  • Which can be done ..... as many of us know who explored this deeply in the context of a WZ II....
  • It does make one feel that our explorations where not just pipe-dreams or bullchit that would never see the light of day.

More On "Brothers"Edit

  • If you like to command with basic maneuve tactics - fix, suppress, flank, assualt - "Brothers" is the bomb.
  • The GFX, sound, physics, authenticity, immerssion.... all that is top of the line...
  • But for me it's the Command & Control.....
  • Your the commander, you have your avatar, you deploy tactically your sep Fire & Assault Groups useing the command interface with "Situational Awareness".....
  • The "SA" is sweet.... it's based on a very simple premise...... part of your intel as a ground commander is studying topographical maps.... combine that with your engagement LOS... For me the whole deal is a more true to life "Fog of War".

Comments on "Brothers"Edit

More on "Officers"Edit

  • One the last items discussed in extensive detail in the "Rank & Experience" thread was "Threat Analysis".
  • I could see no other way to tie everything together into an elegant workable whole without devising a "Threat Analysis" Schema.
  • So ..... that's what capped-off that discussion with the factors & math delineated.
  • I just found out that the "Officers" RTS has "Threat Analysis" !!!!
  • It's some sort of "Algorithm" that they've come up with that they are being real hush-hush about for fear of being ripped-off before the game is released.
  • Me thinks there is much compatibility with "Officers" & its developers I'm inclined to explore, esp. now.
  • What was it Mark Twain said..... oh yea...
  • "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme...."

Comments on "Officers"Edit

"Galactic Civ 2" BETAEdit

  • Developer "Stardock" will be going into Beta with their award-winning space strat game "Galactic Civilization 2" in a couple weeks.
  • "Stardock" also has a facinating application that takes Modularization to a new benchmark.
  • It's called DesktopX and basically you can create widgets, desktops, independent programs (gadgets) in a matter of hours !!
  • More details: HERE
  • "Stardocks" approach to modularization is intrigueing & goes to the heart of core-concepts articulated for the WZ Source ReDev strategic goals.

Thoughts On Other Strat GamesEdit